I am passionate about making outstanding, successful productions.  The way I achieve this is through my love of film making combined with my technical skills and experience to get the best, possible results.


My background is broad ranging covering both corporates and narrative.  The mix is typically 80% corporate (mostly B2B tech sector) although I also really enjoy narrative, documentary and a wealth of other areas ranging from music vids and crazy social.  French is fluent and I also have Mandarin (my mother was Chinese) and have worked on productions in both languages.

If you'd like to get in touch, I'd be delighted to hear about your project, however large or small.


My passion to make an impact and for story telling means that I am always happy to have a conversation.


So if you'd like to ping me on PaulRWalker@PaulRWalker.com or call on 07510 846 481, please go ahead as I'd be delighted to listen.